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A dark - colored liquid extracted through a special process that is heat-less. With a mixture of glycerides from fatty acids that helps to improve the efficiency of animal feed. Therefore, helps in reducing food costs and effectively promotes growth. 

It is as expected that the cost of feeding the animals is approximately around 65-70% of the production cost. Therefore, any options or alternatives that can help reduce the feeding cost for animals become an important factor affecting the overall production cost of animal products such as meat, milk, eggs and fur. Although different animals utilize energy from food for various purposes. Once the animal's body receives adequate supply resulting in effective body maintenance the remaining energy will be allotted for additional growth, yielding better quality and quantity of meat, milk, eggs, etc.


Boosting the quality and production in ALL farm Life

Is Using G - Life Worth It ?


The new innovation of food supplements for all farming animals.


G-Life is a natural concentrated extract from various plant species


G-Life is consists of a mixture of vitamins, minerals Glycerol and fatty acids


Helps in the process of enhancing growth


Increase the amount of production and quality of meat, eggs and milk effectively


Increase all fed animals' weight, quality of meat and carcass


Greatly reduces the infections or spread of various diseases in all animals.


Compatible with all kinds of animals without any side effects on itself, its production and consumers.

Benefits of G-Life


Yields no effects that cause autoimmune deterioration due to use of other drugs.


Helps to increase the potential for the treatment and immunization of fungal infections, bacteria or protozoa.


Can be used to feed the entire life span of animals  by reinforcing immunity against disease all types of microbes


Helps to develop and raise animal health standards which leads to effective weight gain


No harmful residue left in  meat, milk or eggs of animals that consumes G-Life


Helps increases the efficiency of Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)


Greatly reduces the mortality rate

How to Effectively Use G-Life


G-LIFE & MCIOXI works wonders with Ruminants especially the efficiency of milk production.


G-LIFE & MCIOXI increase weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Uplifts quality and quantity of egg production.


G-LIFE & MCIOXI boosts color, fertility rate, health for all aquatic animals.


G-LIFE & MCIOXI works extensively well for raising piglets to increase fertility rate, weight gain, immunization.

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