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Fill out the Application Form. Receive & Print the form (pdf) through your registered email.


Check your email *including your spam folder, Confirm the Interview date by Phone.


Schedule An Interview Date. (Form, Email, Phone Or LINE) 


Prepare all documents. Attend the Interview.


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Item Check List For Your Interview:

  1. Application form

  2. A Portrait Photo, 1-2 inches.

  3. Copy of ID card

  4. Copy of house registration 

  5. Copy of educational background

  6. Other documents หางาน

Moving Day
Meeting Room Business
Open Position : General Administration (Female)

Job Description

  • Handle all office documents 

  • Record inventory and expenses 

  • Open Invoices, place bills

  • Scan documents, send faxes

  • Print documents as assigned

  • Handle all daily assignments and reports

  • Various tasks assigned, etc.

Open Position : Accountant (Female)

Job Description

  • Record Income & Expenses

  • Record all accounting related transactions

  • Reimburse expenses for purchasing 

  • Manage all accounting related documents

  • Various tasks assigned, etc.

Open Position : Sales & Marketing

Job Description

  • Handle all virtual and physical communications, including PR & Customer Service

  • Oversee & Develop marketing strategy for the expansion in the target audience in the market

  • Manage customer database

  • Plan & Manage all sales to meet projected targets

  • Innovate to suggest, research, offer perspectives for potential product development

  • Promote products, create campaigns, advertisements through social media platforms. 

  • Create and manage online platforms

  • Submit weekly-monthly reports & updates for all assigned work 

Open Position : Freight Officer 

Job Description

  • Provide on-time delivery services

  • Provide Document pickup & deliveries

  • Various tasks assigned, etc.

Open Position : General Laborer

Job Description

  • Provide labor for all delivery services

  • Provide Document pickup & deliveries

  • Various tasks assigned, etc.

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