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Revolutionize Water Quality Development Within Animal Farming Industry

MCOlXI is a disinfectant that is effective in removing various types of microbes. Nowadays, it is widely used as a disinfecting agent such as food, water industries, fruits and vegetables, waste water treatment in hospitals and hotels

Using MCOlXI to kill microbes in water instead of using chlorinated water or chlorine gas in the animal raising industry has played a very important role for entrepreneurs in modern times in a highly competitive market. Developed countries such as the United States and numerous countries in Europe have applied this technology to increase the efficiency and productivity in farm animals. Thus, in application this helps cost reduction which in turn results in higher profits guarantee the highest satisfaction of the quality of the product. 

Is Using MCOlXI Worth It?

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MCOlXI has high sterilization efficiency and can kill bacteria quickly.

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Animals are strong, in perfect health condition, reduce stress, support stronger immunity.

Increase the growth rate and weight gain.

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Helps to treat infections from viruses, fungi, bacteria, or protozoa such as anthrax, foot-and-mouth disease and other diseases, etc.

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Oxidizing efficiency is 6 times better than chlorine, which also reduces the risk of cancer.


Can eliminate biofilms

Reducing antibiotics costs

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100% Safe, no harmful residue before and after usage. 

 Increase profits in raising animals within the farm



How To Use M-Tab


Is it Worth it?


G-LIFE & MCOlXI works wonders with Ruminants especially the efficiency of milk production. 


G-LIFE & MCOlXI increase weight gain and feed conversion ratio. Uplifts quality and quantity of egg production.


G-LIFE & MCOlXI boosts color, fertility rate, health for all aquatic animals. 

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G-LIFE & MCOlXI works extensively well for raising piglets to increase fertility rate, weight gain, immunization.

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