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Working With Us

"To pioneer the way in the industrial and agricultural advancement as a basis to improve the quality of life, creating opportunities and establishing a lasting legacy." 

We know how to meet your need.

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Be part of the Midlannex family.
Experience new & on-stop challenges always developing and growing.
By being a leader in technology, development, research and production of a wide range of chemicals used in factories and animals Used in sterilization for the export of products in various food industries.

Especially poultry, seafood, food industry that comes from all kinds of agriculture. In order to increase innovation to meet the highest standards in exports And increase the safety for consumers Which has been successful with customers in the advanced public network.

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Here in Midlannex, we prioritize our employees as the most important force that can drive the company to succeed and grow sustainably. 

We aim to develop and create opportunities for all employees. With challenging, non-stop work styles both innovative thinking and self-development in technological advancements. หางาน

Therefore, employees have the opportunity to undertake many challenging new projects. Including an organizational culture that supports teamwork. Which holds all employees as family members. We also take care of the our employees as well as providing high compensation to the talented, hard working and productive employees because we believe that employees are the driving force that is important to the success of the company and they are part of Midlannex family.



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