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The company was established since 1993 as a pioneer in technological advancement, development, specialize in animal food, research and production. Which was applied in the sterilization process in factories for exporting products in various food industries, especially poultry, seafood, food industry including all kinds of agriculture. Midlannex endeavor to increase innovation to provide customers with the highest standards in exports and to ensure safety for consumers. Our company has been successful in serving various customers in the public, well known producers in Thailand.

Midlannex has been providing services for more than 20 years. With such innovative skills, in 2010, the company imported technology for food supplements G-Life and M-COl-XI. Which has been certified by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) Midlannex has also obtained a license to produce and distribute G-Life and M-COl- Xi for food, organic food from the Department of Livestock Development that leaves no residue that is the ultimate in a new development of food supplements for the health of various farm animals. 

หางาน หางานด่วน

Our Mission Statement

As the leading company in water and food quality development systems in various agricultural applications to increase the efficiency of raising animals. 

Midlannex is dedicated to provide customers with respectful, productive, efficient, effective and trustworthy services with punctuality, integrity and accountability.

Holding Hands
Our Vision Statement

"To pioneer the way in the industrial and agricultural advancement as a basis to improve the quality of life, creating opportunities and establishing a lasting legacy." 

We strive to continually utilize technological advancements and creative innovations to uplift the quality of our products and services to always exceed customers' expectations.    

Image by Bruno van der Kraan


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